Box Turtle Rehab


CreekWood Box Turtle Rehab

CreekWood possesses a permit from the TWRA to handle and treat native Box Turtles. We also partner with local box turtle rehabber Rachael Singer.

Owning box turtles in the State of Tennessee without a permit is prohibited. Kindly let them remain in their natural habitat or, if injured, take them to a licensed rehabber.

It’s crucial not to relocate box turtles from their home range, which may be as small as 100 yards, to prevent them from getting lost. Exercise caution and be vigilant for these small creatures on the road. If you assist them in crossing, ensure to carry them to the side they were originally facing.

For any questions or concerns regarding injured or wild box turtles, please contact CreekWood Veterinary Hospital at (615) 956-2525.